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The Gadsden County Chamber of Commerce has researched basic information often requested by businesses located within Gadsden County. The information provided is intended to assist business owners and is subject to change and there may be other requirements that your business must comply with.  It is the responsibility of the business owner to ensure all necessary federal, state and local requirements are met.

Suggestions for additional search topics as well as corrections are welcome via email.

Employment Services - WORKFORCE plus has provided valuable employer services for over ten years. Businesses receive personalized assistance and access to information about business/financial incentives, tax credits and training grants as well as up-to-date labor market and wage data, job recruitment services, behavioral/educational, ready-to-work certifications and assessment tools and layoff assistance. Special youth, adult and veteran services are also available. (2/10)

Enterprise Zone Information - Approximately twenty square miles of Gadsden County is contained in an Enterprise Zone. An Enterprise Zone is a specific geographic area targeted for economic growth and revitalization. Investments in distressed areas are encouraged by offering tax advantages and incentives to businesses locating within the zone boundaries. One of the goals of the Gadsden County Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Council is to maximize these benefits to new and existing businesses in Gadsden County.

Financial Incentives for Businesses - WORKFORCE plus offers a variety of financial incentives for local businesses including tax credits and wage reimbursement. (12/08)

Gadsden County Largest Private Sector Employers - The Florida Research and Economic Database (FRED) lists Gadsden County with twenty-seven private sector businesses that employ 100 or more staff members. (10/08)

Historic District of Quincy - The City of Quincy Building and Planning Department calls for the submission of the Application for Certificate of Appropriateness for review by the Historic Preservation Commission. The application should provide a brief descriptive narrative about the planned work including the materials to be used (i.e. re-roofing of existing structure to replace metal roofing with asphalt shingles). This application is necessary for all physical changes/updates to the structure's appearance and is submit to changes at any time. (4/10)

Introduction to 2010 Census - The foundation of our American democracy is dependent on fair and equitable representation in Congress. In order to achieve an accurate assessment of the number and location of the people living within the nation's borders, the United States Constitution mandates a census of the population every ten years. (5/09)

Job Search - Search available job listings submitted to the Gadsden County Chamber of Commerce.

Job Seeker Resources - The Gadsden County Chamber of Commerce works with a variety of strategic partners in our area to assist members of the community during their quests to create new career opportunities. By contacting our strategic partners, individuals can list openings, search for jobs, post resumes, participate in practice interviews and even obtain additional training or certification.

Labor Market Statistics -  Labor Market Statistics (LMS) is offered through the Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation. LMS provides a variety of labor market, economic and demographic data including current employment, projections and wages by industry and occupation, occupational profiles and career information; labor force, employment, unemployment and unemployment rates; economic indicators like the Florida Price Level Index, Consumer Price Index, income and unemployment claims data; and, population statistics such as age, race, gender, income, veteran's status, and education information. (10/08)

Short Time Compensation for Employees - The Short Time Compensation (STC) Program is a voluntary employer program designed to help employers maintain their staff by reducing the weekly hours of their employees, instead of temporarily laying off employees, when the employer is faced with a temporary slowdown in business. If your employer establishes an STC Plan and you meet the qualifications to establish an unemployment claim against the state of Florida, you will receive a partial unemployment check to supplement your reduced paycheck. (10/08)

Short Time Compensation for Employers - Short Time Compensation (STC) is a temporary alternative work style that will assist employers in keeping their work force intact. The program permits prorated unemployment compensation benefits to employees whose work hours and earnings are reduced as part of an STC plan to avoid total layoff of some employees. The program encourages work sharing as an alternative to layoff and eases the financial burden of unemployment. Employers who must permanently reduce their work force may use the program as a transition to layoff. Affected employees may continue to work at reduced levels with an opportunity to find other employment before the expected layoff. (10/08)

Starting a New Business in Gadsden County - The Gadsden County Chamber of Commerce has researched the basic requirements for starting a new business in Gadsden County including registrations and licenses, taxes, workers' compensation insurance, new employee hire reporting, zoning and permits and health regulations. The information is subject to change and there may be other start-up requirements that your business must comply with. It is the responsibility of the business owner to ensure all federal, state and local requirements are met. (12/08)