ADAGE Will Suspend Work on Biopower Project in Gadsden County

- Posted: 03/15/10
ADAGE LLC, a biopower joint venture owned by affiliates of Duke Energy and AREVA, said in a statement today that it will suspend work on the proposed biopower project in Gadsden County. ADAGE had proposed to construct a 55 megawatt advanced biopower facility in Gretna, Florida, utilizing sustainable clean woody biomass.

“The vibrant forest resources in Northern Florida attracted ADAGE to the area and the State of Florida confirmed our decision in the recent Woody Biomass Economic Study released on March 1, 2010. We believe that Gadsden County represents a good market for development of sustainable woody biomass projects, however in light of the decision today by the City of Gretna to delay consideration of the project, ADAGE will suspend work on the Gadsden County project and focus on continuing to develop a fleet of clean, safe, reliable biopower projects throughout the U.S.”

“ADAGE respects the decision of the City of Gretna to continue to study the project and we recognize that work still needs to be done in the local community to fully implement the master plan for economic development. However, ADAGE firmly believes that further study will reinforce that the project would represent a safe, sustainable renewable energy solution that meets all local, State and National standards while delivering new jobs and economic opportunity.”

“ADAGE will ask the Florida Department of Environmental Quality to suspend activity on the Air Resource Permit Application for the Gadsden County project. ADAGE continues to actively develop its project in Hamilton County, Florida which has already received full approval at the State and local level.”