Classes Help Small Businesses Bid for State Contracts

- Posted: 07/16/09
QUINCY, FL (July 16, 2009) – The Gadsden County Chamber of Commerce and Florida A&M University are pleased to announce their continued partnership to offer the Construction Management Development Program (CMDP) certification classes in conjunction with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). The new round of classes, which enable small businesses to competitively place bids for statewide contracts, is tentatively planned to be offered at the Chamber in the fall.

Companies strongly encouraged to take these classes may offer services including but not limited to: interior design/decorating, consulting, business, legal and financial management, architectural services, land surveying, fencing, signs, guardrail, landscaping/mowing, maintenance, janitorial services, painting, traffic control, architecture, materials supply, highway construction, asphalt paving, building, construction/modification, steel, concrete, trucking, erosion control, drainage and earthwork. Gadsden County small businesses specializing in these or similar fields should consider taking advantage of the offered courses.

“These classes give our local small businesses the opportunity to survive and possibly grow during an increasingly difficult economic period,” said Michelle Burdick, the Chamber’s vice president of membership. “We’re pleased to continue working with FAMU on this project to give these businesses the chance to compete for contracts that would normally be out of reach.”

Successful completion of the coursework qualify the businesses to become certified with the FDOT and be eligible to compete for any government contract within the state of Florida. The collection of certification courses include instruction in business management, construction accounting, construction mathematics and estimating, contracts, specifications, and law, plan reading for FDOT construction and scheduling for FDOT construction. Areas of additional advising may include project planning methods, bidding and estimating, job costing and scheduling, and contract negotiation and plan reading.

Financial counseling and bonding assistance will also be available through FAMU’S Bond Guarantee Program (BGP) to assist certified disadvantaged business enterprises to meet the standards of traditional surety bonding and financial institutions. Like credit backing, bond guarantees minimize the risk taken by sureties and provide a solid financial foundation to unseasoned disadvantaged business enterprises seeking contracts with the state of Florida. A ninety percent guarantee will be available and awarded for contracts $250,000 or less, and an eighty percent guarantee for those contracts over $250,000, capped at $500,000.

Businesses interested in taking the certification courses should call (850) 627-9231 or email for the program application and other required forms.

For specific information about the Construction Management Development Program or Bond Guarantee Program, visit or call (850) 561-2040.