Quincy Welcomes Classic Shirts

- Posted: 12/16/09
QUINCY, FL (December 16, 2009) – The Gadsden County Chamber of Commerce was pleased to recently celebrate the relocation of Classic Shirts, Inc. from Tallahassee to 1130 Live Oak Street in Quincy.

“The City of Quincy is happy to welcome Classic Shirts to our community and we are looking forward to a lasting and successful relationship with them, said Mayor Andy Gay. “We are thankful they chose our city and are excited about the opportunities this company provides for our citizens.”

College roommates, William Finn and William Steck, formed Classic Shirts, Inc. in 1999. Their initial target markets were local small businesses and college organizations but their ultimate goal was to acquire national accounts. The partners began by printing t-shirts and now they offer a full spectrum of services including embroidery, graphic design and product development. This newly relocated Gadsden County business, after a decade of operations, is a nation-wide designer, manufacturer and importer of decorated apparel and accessories for large, mid-tier and specialty retail stores, marketing and promotions companies and select government agencies.

Finn and Steck decided to relocate to Gadsden County upon working with David Gardner, the executive director for the Chamber. Classic Shirts rapidly outgrew two previous facilities during the past four years and the owners believe the move to Quincy will accommodate their expanding business in many years to come.

“Classic Shirts’ willingness to choose Gadsden County as their new site says a lot about our encouragement for business growth in our area,” said Gardner. “Their move here will be a tremendous asset to this community because of their plans for continued growth and the possibility of increasing their labor force.

Gardner continued, “Classic Shirts is an example of a successful business that the Chamber seeks to relocate to our community take advantage of our available resources.”

“We felt the real estate value and the exceptional labor pool in Quincy was the best place to take the next step with our business,” stated Finn. “We actually added more square footage, screen printing presses and folding and bagging equipment and enjoy a lower total monthly cost compared to our previous lease alone in Tallahassee.”

Classic Shirts, Inc. currently employs several Gadsden County residents, five of which were recently hired as a direct result of relocating to Quincy.

“It’s always great when businesses move to town,” said Bobby Dukes, a newly hired Quincy resident who takes charge of shipping, receiving and maintenance.

“As the old saying goes, ‘if you’re not growing, you’re dying,’” said Finn. “We anticipate continued growth and see no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Hopefully, this will lead to more local job creation and our becoming a large part of this community.

Classic Shirts is a current member of the Gadsden County Chamber of Commerce.