WORKFORCE plus: Providing Employment to the Community

- Posted: 02/16/09
The current economic situation in Gadsden County is slowly increasing its negative outlook as more businesses lay off long time employees and downsize important services. Residents and business owners are looking for creative ways to avoid spending their decreasing funds. All Gadsden County residents are directly impacted by these events especially when family and friends suddenly become unemployed. Countless people are unprepared to pay their monthly bills from their small savings accounts and just as many do not have retirement funds to draw upon. More importantly, after working for a single employer for years, someone may not know what to steps to take to look for a new position.

The Gadsden County Chamber of Commerce encourages residents and businesses alike to pursue an introduction with WORKFORCE plus. A long time member of the Chamber, WORKFORCE plus offers a one-stop shop for advisory, educational, training and employment opportunities at no charge for either individuals or businesses. Persons who are unemployed, underemployed, considering a career change or looking for additional training should take advantage of the resources available through WORKFORCE plus. Businesses can readily access local workforce solutions and statewide services such as training and tax incentives along with wage and labor market information while reaching out to hire qualified employees matched to their business needs. WORKFORCE plus also provides employer/employee transitional lay off assistance. By staying connected with area residents and businesses, WORKFORCE plus operations are constantly improved and enhanced based on today’s needs while planning ahead for tomorrow with community-wide involvement on the issues that impact everyone.

“We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the Gadsden community,” says Kimberly A. Moore, the chief executive officer of WORKFORCE plus. “We remain committed to delivering services in a way that provide a positive impact to the livelihood of our businesses, education system and families alike.”

WORKFORCE plus has assisted Gadsden County since 1997 by matching businesses with the people in our community who need and want competitive jobs. A variety of programs and services are readily available at the Gadsden office located at 1140 West Clark Street in Quincy.

Trained staff work one-on-one with jobseekers to provide personalized guidance and services by matching individuals with prospective employers. Skills and aptitude levels are assessed to help in planning for updated education, training or certification that will broaden chances for employment. Jobseekers can use WORKFORCE plus computers, fax, telephone and copy services to write and submit resumes, view job listings, file for unemployment and even search for financial aid for education. Work preparation and career development advice enables individuals to compete for jobs that may have previously been unobtainable. Not only does WORKFORCE plus offer resume and cover letter guidelines, practice professional interviewing techniques and invite job fair participation, their team also provides hiring and salary information by industry and area in addition to training in salary negotiations.

WORKFORCE plus doesn’t stop there. Through the First Connect Program, WORKFORCE plus assists youth, ages fourteen to twenty-one, by providing leadership and job readiness training, assistance in obtaining a GED, academic services for tutoring and study skills, work experience activities, career exploration, assessments and other support services.

Retired seniors and veterans, including disabled veterans, are finding themselves looking for jobs to make ends meet for their families. WORKFORCE plus has set up special assistance and job training services for veterans as well as a senior employment program for ages fifty-five and older.

WORKFORCE plus also works with local community groups such as the United Way of the Big Bend to help families learn money management skills to use their income wisely. Both organizations work together to educate residents about how to take advantage of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC).

The Chamber appreciates the continuous efforts and dedication put forth by WORKFORCE plus to provide employment to our community. Gadsden County residents and businesses are strongly encouraged to take advantage of WORKFORCE plus programs by contacting them at (850) 875-4040 or Additional information can also be obtained online at