ADAGE Submits Air Permit Application for Proposed Gadsden County Biopower Facility

- Posted: 02/01/10

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Florida Environmental Organizations, Forestry Association Champion Project

Tallahassee, FL — ADAGE Biopower announced today that it has submitted its application for an air permit to construct its planned biopower facility in Gadsden County, Florida. This application is the first of several permit applications to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for its proposed Gadsden County project. ADAGE is a joint venture between AREVA and Duke Energy Corporation, national and global leaders in energy development.

“We look forward to working with the DEP and demonstrating that our advanced biopower facility will be safe for the people and environment within the City of Gretna, Gadsden County, and surrounding counties,” noted Reed Wills, President of ADAGE, LLC.

The air permit application demonstrates that the facility will be in full compliance with all environmental and human health standards set by Federal and State regulatory agencies. The Ambient Air Quality analysis included in the application shows that the concentration of emissions from the ADAGE facility will be less than 10 percent of the standards set by federal and state regulatory agencies to protect the environment and human health. Additionally, the facility uses advanced technology that reduces water consumption by over 90 percent compared to conventional power plant designs.

“The Gadsden County Chamber of Commerce values ADAGE’s investment in our community, and we thank the Gretna City Commission and Gadsden County Commission for ensuring that the project will be environmentally-sensitive and safe,” noted Frank Holcomb, President of the Gadsden County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. “The Chamber Board is grateful for the leaders within the City and County who worked to ensure that the facility will be fueled only by clean, forest-based waste wood, and that it will be delivered by a maximum of 150 trucks per day. This is a small fraction of the available road capacity leading to the facility.”

“Using area-grown wood sources allows Florida to generate its own renewable power, while encouraging forest landowners to continue to manage the health of their forests,” noted Jeff Doran, Executive Director of the Florida Forestry Association. “ADAGE’s resource analysis illustrates that the facility’s forestry-based fuel supply is comfortably sustainable based on the area’s resources.”

In addition to using state of the art environmental technology, ADAGE estimates that over 400 direct jobs will be created during construction of the Gadsden project and another 124 permanent jobs will be created in plant operations and fuel collection. Dr. Julie Harrington, Director of Florida State University’s Center for Economic Analysis and Forecasting, provided an analysis of an identical 50 Megawatt facility in Hamilton County, FL establishing that, during the first two and a half years of construction and initial operation, ADAGE will create 700 direct and indirect jobs across the county and over $100 million in direct economic benefits.

“We are investing $250 million in the project, and just like any local family or business, we will pay taxes,” Wills said. “As a significant new taxpayer in Gadsden County, we estimate that we’ll pay $1.4 million to the Gadsden County school district in the first year alone. We see this as more than an investment in a project-it is an investment in a community, its children, and its future workforce.”