Sponsorship & Promotional Opportunities

Current Gadsden County Chamber of Commerce members can increase their exposure by sponsoring a Chamber event or participate in other promotional opportunities designed to gain recognition for their business.

Questions? For ideas of how to utilize this member benefit to your best advantage, contact us at (850) 627-9231.

OpportunityDescription Cost 
Business Listing

Online Member Directory
Gadsden County, Florida: Community Guide
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Free with membership 
Go Gadsden Membership MeetingMonthly meeting to present a networking opportunity and chance to educate fellow members and community and business leaders about your organization's products and services. For more information and/or to sign up as a sponsor, call (850) 627-9231.

Free attendance
Title Sponsor: $100
General Sponsor: $50

Member to Member Discount Program 

Allows valued members to submit discounts to attract more business to their location, increase revenue and enhance visibility among colleagues and potential customers. The goal is to create a promotional opportunity for members while giving participants the chance to save money on operational expenses.

Free with membership
Provide Information

Submit timely press releases, announcements and other informative articles or frequently asked questions to be printed in the Chamber Newsletter, the Chamber Page, the online Resources, and/or the online Events Calendar.

Free with membership 
Brochure Display 

Distribute and display printed brochures at Chamber office. Brochure sizes are required to be no larger than four inches wide and eleven inches tall.

Member must provide brochure 
After Hours Sponsorship

Show your support of the Gadsden County Chamber of Commerce and promote your business to Chamber members, strategic partners and other guests by sponsoring an After Hours networking event. These bi-annual events are designed to emphasize and support businesses in a specific area. For more information and/or to provide sponsorship at an after hours event, call (850) 627-9231

Title Sponsor: $600
Host Sponsor: Provide location
General Sponsor: $135
Door Prize Sponsors: Donation

After Hours
Open House 

Members may request their own special after hours or open house event. The Chamber will assist in promoting the event to members and contacts.

Member to cover all costs 
Speaker Series Sponsorship

Speaker Series events include a special guest speaker to address the business community and/or residents of Gadsden County about a "hot topic".

Past guest speakers include Congressman Allen Boyd (respresenting Florida's 2nd District)and Dr. Jerome Osteryoung (Jim Moran Institute, Florida State University College of Business).

Title Sponsor: TBA
Host Sponsor: Provide location 

Gadsden County, Florida: Community Guide
Gadsden County Map (joint effort with the Gadsden County Board of Realtors)

Special rates/offers for members
Ceremony Assistance

Grand Opening
Ribbon Cutting

Free with membership 
Member SpotlightArticle designed to inform the area about the member business, the services they provide and their personal connection to the community. Featured in the Chamber Newsletter and Chamber PageFree with membership