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Great Florida Birding Trail

   Information and photos provided by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

The Great Florida Birding Trail is a program of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, supported in part by the Florida Department of Transportation and the Wildlife Foundation of Florida. This 2000-mile, self-guided highway trail unifies a total of 489 birding sites throughout Florida. Modeled after the successful Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail, this ambitious project features detailed guide booklets and special highway signs identifying Birding Trail sites. Free guide booklets contain site descriptions, directions, and maps showcasing the wonderful birding opportunities in Florida. Each Birding Trail section consists of a series of clusters, with each cluster containing 1-15 sites highlighting communities and special ecosystems like the Lake Wales Ridge.

The Great Florida Birding Trail is divided into four sections. Gadsden County, featured within the Panhandle Florida Section, offers three sites: Joe Budd Wildlife Management Area at Lake Talquin State Forest and Lake Talquin State Forest: High Bluff Recreation Area each located in Midway and Bear Creek Educational Forest in Quincy.