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St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (1892)

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   Quincy’s oldest church building, St. Paul’s parish was organized and its vestry elected on December 1, 1838. The first church structure was erected on this site in 1839. During the Civil War, the church served as one of the hospital locations for the Confederate Army. The second church building, today’s present structure, was erected in 1892, enlarged in 1914, remodeled in 1928, and enlarged again with a cloister and parish hall in 1951.

This beautiful church has lovely stained glass windows. The Resurrection window, which is NOT stained glass but painted and then fired to make it more realistic, is of special interest and beauty. This window irreplaceable since this method is no longer used. The window features the images of Mary, Mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Mary, Mother of James, meeting an angel at the empty tomb. The crown of thorns and the shroud are shown in the tomb. It is considered one of the most dramatic figure windows in the region.

10 West King Street
Quincy, FL 32351