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Harris-Munroe-Gardner House (1837)

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   This house was built for Isaac R. Harris, Quincy’s first mayor and later purchased by William Munroe in the 1850s. It was originally a one and a half story with dormers. There was a major renovation on the house in the 1890s. One of William Munroe’s 21 children was Mark W. “Mr. Pat” Munroe. Six of “Mr. Pat’s” children were born in this house, and he was living here in 1894 while constructing his house down the street. His new house became known as the Pat Munroe House and the Quincy Garden Center. For nearly 50 years, he was president of the Quincy State Bank, Florida’s first chartered state bank.

In 1913, the house was purchased by William LeRoy MacGowan, who moved to Quincy from Warren, Pennsylvania to develop the Fuller’s Earth industry. He was instrumental in organizing the Floridian Company which remained one of the area’s leading and stable industries. In 1997, the company became a part of the international Engelhard Corporation. Today the mine is owned by BASF. MacGowan altered the house making it a two-story dwelling with wrap–around porch and an attached kitchen. David Gardner is the current owner.

211 North Duval Street
Quincy, FL 32351