What is the Gadsden County Chamber of Commerce?

The Gadsden County Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit membership-based organization. What does that mean? It means that we are primarily funded by our current members: other non-profit groups, businesses, individuals, places of worship, and even some government offices. The Chamber does not receive funding from the state or county to sustain our day-to-day operations. In lieu of receiving state or county funding, the Chamber depends on its members and the community. The Chamber also holds fundraising events as the sole recipient or joint ventures with other non-profit groups.

The Chamber is a voluntary partnership through which we and our members work together to build a healthy economy and improve the quality of life within the Gadsden County communities.

What Does the Chamber Do?

The Chamber serves as one of the most widely known and visible resources to the communities within Gadsden County. As the Chamber works towards the goal of improving the quality of life in Gadsden County we wear many hats paying particular attention to the aspects of economic development, community resources and tourism information center.

Economic Development

The responsibilities of the Chamber are often reflected by community needs. However, one of our main duties is to encourage economic development in Gadsden County. Economic development is generally measured in terms of jobs and income, but it also includes improving environmental and recreational amenities as well as attracting and retaining businesses in our community.

New and existing local businesses regularly make the Chamber their number one stop to inform the community about their products and services. Businesses interested in relocating to the Gadsden County area also contact the Chamber to obtain information that will assist them in their plans. David Gardner, the Executive Director, addresses the requirements of these companies and often works with each of them for months on end. The Chamber works closely with partners such as WORKFORCE plus, Enterprise Florida, and Florida's Great Northwest to ensure the businesses can set up  and continue successfully in our community. Frequently, this includes purchasing land for new buildings, leasing local buildings, and hiring area residents for the new job openings. Similar assistance is available for current businesses in our area that are interested in expanding or moving to a new location. The Chamber and our partners are rewarded in these efforts by these additions to our county's economy and the ability to provide more employment opportunities to our citizens.

Community Resource

The Chamber serves as a community guide of sorts to our members and partners. Our phone number is synonymous with dialing 4-1-1. Not only do we provide everyday contact information to callers but we also give area information to tourists. The Chamber also assists in promoting cultural activities and mentoring programs.

Networking Opportunities

Membership with the Chamber provides opportunities to connect with your colleagues. Chamber events give businesses a variety of opportunities to meet and interact with each other as well as provide resources for the community to learn more about Gadsden County and members of the Chamber. By supplying the chance for business owners and decision makers to mingle with one another, the Chamber promotes and protects the interest of businesses which in turn helps to improve the economy and the quality of life for everyone.

People who support the Chamber through their individual membership, or as "Friends of the Chamber," enjoy seeing their encouragement represented in Chamber events and other local accomplishments.

All in all, one of the most important things the Chamber can do is exist. Because of our existence, business owners, private individuals, non-profit organizations and even the various city governments are given a venue to plan and participate in improving the quality of life for everyone within Gadsden County. Although we represent our members - they represent not only us, but their entire community.